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Anchor & chain damage handled as GENERAL AVERAGE

When anchor and chain damage resulted from the following causes, they can be covered by insurance as 'General Average' sacrifices loss. The Master shall in such cases secure witness statement from external sources if Possible.

a. When the anchor and chain were damaged by Dropping in an emergency in order to avoid an Urgent Danger such as Collision with another ship at sea.

b. When the weather suddenly changed to extraordinary Rough Weather while the vessel was in port and the anchor chains were cut intentionally as an urgent measure to avoid a danger because there was not sufficient time to heave the anchor.

c. When the Main Engine was started in order to avoid an Urgent Danger at anchor, knowing that the anchor could be sacrificed, and consequently, the anchor and chain were cut by an excessive force applied to them.

Damage to the anchor and chain resulting when Re-floating the stranded vessel by making use of the holding power of the anchor. Note:

To effect the 'General Average', the anchor must have been abnormally used for common safety. Therefore, the following cases do NOT effect the general average.

Ex.1 As the vessel was carried away by a strong current while maneuvering the vessel at an anchorage, it was anchored in order to avoid grounding, and as a result, the chain was cut. (This is not regarded as an abnormal use of the anchor)

Ex.2 An abrupt storm was encountered while anchoring and vessel tried to shift to a safe anchorage, but the chain got entangled with an obstacle on the seabed and could not be heaved. In order to avoid a common danger, the chain was cut and vessel shifted to a safe anchorage. (Principle of the general average: There can be no sacrifice of an already destroyed substance.)

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